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Words That Humble Me…

The Lies I Tell Myself project guides people in pushing through their negative believe systems in these uncertain times. It's about asking the important questions: Where am I limited in my life? How can I do something to take a step forward? How can I get out of complacency? I highly recommend you take part in Victoria's programs and workshops. Everything is possible once you take a step forward.

Greg BlackbournVitality Life Financial Group

Vic, I just want to say thank you so much for your inspiration. When I was starting out as a new makeup artist, I was unsure of my talents and didnt have a direction to go in. You were so kind and uplifting and referred me to a friend of yours who called me for my first makeup job ever. Since then my phone hasn't stopped ringing! Thank you so much for believing in me and giving me the gentle push I needed to believe in myself. I was awarded RAW makeup artist of the year this year and am loving the fact that I get to live my passion. Love you girl!!

Heather SheltonAward Winning Make Up Artist

Victoria, your ability to get to the heart of things and by-pass the hype is incredible. You so courageously handle topics that are vulnerable, but your grace makes it non-intimidating and actually fun. How you do this, I have no idea. A true gift from a woman who truly loves this work, perhaps. I love you Victoria, thank you for inspiring so many of us.

Jeremy TylerSinger of Bloom & Rockband 3

As a marriage and family therapist, mental health professional and addiction specialist I have had the great privilege of being a part of The Lies I Tell Myself Project with Victoria Wynn. People learn very quickly that it’s okay to get vulnerable and that rather than finding shame in their vulnerability, they find strength they never knew they had. It's been amazing to see lives not only touched, but more importantly transformed.

Jonathan ShermanLMFT Relationship Strategist & Speaker

From the first moment I heard about Victoria Wynn's "Lies I Tell Myself Project", I knew that it was SO HUGE! I don't know one person who can't relate to this topic. I love having Vic on my “Inspired Conversations” radio show because she is compelling and kind...she shares her story so that others feel more comfortable sharing theirs. We're all very lucky to have a front row seat!

Angel ShannonStress Coach From Good Things Utah and Radio Host Of Ktalk

What Victoria brings to the table is years of research and personal experience, willingness to share with, empathize, and support others as well as, perhaps her greatest asset, an intuitive ability to recognize the lies that hold you (yes, YOU, as well as everyone else she meets) back, that cause you to get stuck, and keep you from reaching your goals and achieving your dreams.

Theresa BaranowskiAward Winning Author & Literary Agent
Terri-B Testimonial Victoria Wynn

Check out my dear friend Victoria Wynn, she has an amazing project that may speak to you, helping you identify the "lies" you tell yourself and lead you to a more purpose driven life

TehrahGrammy Award Winning Artist 2012
Victoria shows that deep, real honesty can set you free. The Lies I Tell Myself Project is a liberating journey to greater peace from the inside out.
Natalie AllenAuthor Of "Creation Stripped"

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