UX (User Experience)


This site was originally built for my Life Design work founded on the belief that our internal language creates our external reality. business card states “UX Consultant & Design Jedi”.  #StarWarsNerd 😀

I’ve  consulted, spoken, and designed visually across the U.S. for individuals, groups, and companies such as Coca Cola, Disney Pictures and ESPN.

The Lies I Tell Myself Project was originally created to coach & support individuals on personal goals and upper level execs and CEOS on mindset skills in business in addition to UX & graphic design.  See: for details on UX (user experience)  

1-On-1 Coaching


Victoria helps entrepreneurs, business professionals, public officials, creatives, celebrities and teens connect with their passion, purpose and prosperity, to achieve new levels of satisfaction and conquer the “lies” that hold them back from all that they are capable of.

Using her signature passion, “The Lies I Tell Myself Project”, she provides 1-on-1 success coaching to help you create a customized blueprint that aligns with your values and builds on strengths you already have, empowering you to be your highest self.

Guest Blogging


A Guest Blogger can be a fast and consistent way to build a relationship with your audience; and blogging is an exceptional tactic for improving your SEO, social media content, and web content.

Need authentic and captivating articles? Victoria has them.

Need a blogger with credentials that your audience can trust? Victoria has years of experience in blogging for online magazines including Forbes and The Huffington Post.

Online Group Coaching

Victoria manages a safe and private Facebook community that serves as an extension of her personal awakening promising vulnerable posts and helpful coaching.  Join “Truth Be Told” where the focused topics are sex, intimacy, confidence, wealth and relationships.

The group helps to explore, learn, grow and communicate safely and privately about the “untalkable” topics.  Nothing is taboo here.

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Watch Victoria’s 1st vulnerable video about “The Lies I Tell Myself Project” (before it was even a project!)  *Vic’s archived radio shows coming soon!

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Victoria Wynn gets personal, vulnerable and sassy of course!  *Checkout my new video series called How To Get Out Of Your Crap In 30 Seconds (or less)!”

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