This week on Talk Beauty, we highlight SLC local life coach extraordinaire and founder of The Lies I Tell Myself Project, Victoria Wynn, and discuss her top notch methods for getting through the holidays in one piece (and even with a few laughs).

As a mother of 5 and the heartbeat behind a growing business, I can honestly say, I have been the poster child for “how to stress out and forget the meaning of the holidays in 20 seconds flat”. Back when I thought I needed to make everything from scratch, give each neighbor cookies, every kid’s teacher a gift and at least one Kardashian-esque event at my home. Those days are long gone and my children, friends and I are more connected than ever. I’ve figured out a few things in the school of life including a steady practice of eliminating drama. I thought I’d share a few of my secrets to a peaceful (and fun) holiday season: