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viccremedress_forsiteVictoria Wynn – Success Coach

Victoria founded her success coaching business and movement for self awareness after the end of a 16 year marriage and the struggles of raising 5 children as a single parent.  She called it,  “The Lies I Tell Myself Project”.  After realizing how her victim mentality was holding her back, she found her power in the simple questions, “How am I lying to myself?” and “What’s my powerful truth?”

Victoria’s first step when working with any client is taking them through a process, either in 1-on-1 coaching sessions or by downloading the  “The Secret Recipe”  videos here  

Vic’s favorite testimonial: “How could just a few hours focusing on my inner thoughts affect my love life, my bank account and my relationship to my kids THIS much?”  

-Arron M.  (Business owner, single parent, cyclist)

Professional Services

Victoria Wynn, success coach, author and corporate trainer has stepped into the world of online trainings to serve those clients abroad and those who don’t mind a less customized experience but who do appreciate an affordable alternative to 1-on-1 coaching.   Her latest training was developed to help you identify the lies that hold you back from your personal desires, goals and dreams.

Download off this site for a discounted rate here

Find Vic in Forbes, Huff Post, Got Beauty Blog (Talk Beauty) and Bella Mia Magazine. She has a knack for “keeping it real” and being relatable rather than preachy.  Plus the added benefit of sass, fun & useful tips!

To learn more about booking Victoria to speak at your event, personal coaching and couples coaching, corporate trainings, authoring & blogging and free online coaching, click below!


Professional Services


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Watch Victoria’s 1st vulnerable video about “The Lies I Tell Myself Project” (before it was even a project!)

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Victoria Wynn gets personal, vulnerable and sassy of course!  *Checkout my new video series called How To Get Out Of Your Crap In 30 Seconds (or less)!”

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